Sunday, 23 September 2012

21 Things to do before you turn 21

So yes it is true I am turning 21 this Tuesday. Now I thought 20 was a big step but for some reason this little extra year feels like leaps and bounds more major then last year. So this got me thinking is there a bucket list out there for turning 21? Yes yes there is lets have a peak and see how my lifes shaped up so far...

Here are the nation’s current top ’21 things’, after about 500 people had voted:
  • Stay up all night and watch the sun rise… I have done this multiple times my favourite being 2000 new years eve party stayed up all night with my best friend and all our family.
  • Take a summer roadtrip with my besties… Sadly haven't done this yet.
  • Take amazing photos… I love photography so I have done this alot in my life.
This is in Melbourne I love this photo
  • Bungy jump…Deathly afraid of heights so no to this one.
  • A ‘spa’ day with friends…I love pampering myself so yes yes I have done this!
  • Have the date that I’ll remember forever…On our first valentines day together my partner took me to Paris, this was an out of this world date that I will remember forever.
  • Get your driver’s licence…. Nop haven't got this yet lol
  • Be photographed with someone famous…ahhhhhhh no.
  • Go to a music festival… I went and saw 30 Seconds to Mars in concert does that count?
  • Front row seats at the concert of my dreams… No but if I could it would be Mumford and Sons love them!
  • Get my first car…Well clearly if I don't have a licence I don't have a car silly quiz.
  • Get into that pair of jeans I never thought I’d fit…I can but there by no means comfy..
  • Visit another continent… hehe I can proudly say yes! I have been very lucky to visit multiple places around the world. Some of my favourites including Greece, Paris and Bali.
  • Have a makeover (or help a friend with one)…This is like every girls daily life! lol
  • Go on an overseas holiday without your parents (and paid for by you)... Ah no lol
  • Change my hair colour…Dyed it pink once soooo not a good idea!
  • Go camping with friends…Camping use to be a big part of my life and its something I cant wait to share when I have kids.
  • Swim with dolphins… Been close enough for it to count hello I am from Australia!
  • Dance til dawn… Feet were dead but without a doubt was worth it.
  • Win something amazing…Not that I can remember :(
  • Fall asleep under the stars…Yes I have :)
Well looking at this list I think I've done pretty dam good! Bring on my 21st birthday!