Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A night with Heston Blumenthal

If there's anyone out there updating themselves on my amazing blog you'll know I'm a big nerd when it comes to changing my template and I apologise for this. Feels like every week I'm changing the look of my page but here's the big question why? No idea really could it be I think that in the process of changing my "look" I will gain more followers or is it simply that I'm bored and dive into the world of blogging to distract and amuse myself, deep huh?  With this thought process pushing me through another post I find myself thinking do I, do we apply this in our daily life? I'm 21 yet at times I sadly find myself desperate to adapt and mold myself in order to fit in, to gain followers so to speak. And like with my blog if I'm not adapting I am completely separating myself from the whole situation or completely ignoring my blog.

 How weird is that?  But then again if your sick delirious and the clock is ticking to midnight the human mind can make a comparison between anything even peanut butter and french fries....

 Anywho lets get on to something far more exciting my birthday! So what pray tell was my big surprise?? I was non other then Heston blumenthals famous mandarin restaurant in London!

Omg yes you heard right! I was practically jumping for joy when I found out where I was going. It was situated in a very old and beautiful hotel and dare I say it was nearly as grand as the Savoy ( which is where I went last year for my birthday).

We started the night off with cocktails at the adjoining bar then seated our selves in the amazing restaurant. This place was gorgeous and as the the 9th best restaurant in the world I can proudly say the food did not disappoint! My starter was the famous mandarin chicken pate, it looked like a mandarin and when I cut into it I found the softest and creamiest pate I had ever had. This was without a doubt my favourite course.
My main was called powdered duck at first I was like huh? But do don't worry its not what you think, apparently the waiter said this term is taken from an olden days term meaning to cook the meat a certain way, slow and low as I like to put it. when it came to our table it was rick, tender and melted in my mouth and was out of this world. For desert I ordered the brown bread ice cream, it just sounded so interesting!  Amazingly it did taste like brown bread and even though I don't particularly like brown bread how could I turn down such an interesting dish!

 All in all it was an amazing experience, I'm very lucky to have parents and a fiance who would go to such lengths to insure I had an amazing birthday.

So that's my birthday experience short and sweet! I have other photo to load up very soon so keep a watch out!

Good night zzzzzzzzz