Monday, 27 May 2013

Healthy Chocolate Ripple cake!

As a kid my ultimate birthday cake was the chocolate ripple cake. If your unfamiliar with this cake its an Aussie favourite which has only two ingredients, whipping cream and Arnots ripple biscuits. Now your probably looking at these two ingredients going ummmmmm no eggs no flour how is this suppose to make a cake! Well it's magic or that's what I use to think as a kid, in actual fact its quite simple.

Recipe- Chocolate Ripple cake!

-Low Fat Whipping cream ( The lower in calories the better just make sure your able to whip the cream into stiff peaks)
- Plain chocolate biscuits ( Originally this recipe calls for Arnots ripple biscuits which are around 60 calories per biscuit! which is a big no no for my low cal version so instead I found chocolate biscuits for 30 calories each)

First stage is whipping up the cream into stiff peaks, but make sure you don't whip for too long or it will turn to butter! With a knife spread a thick dollop onto the first biscuit and get another biscuit and make a mini sandwich cookie. On a plate place the joined cookies on their side and grab another biscuit and do the same but this time sandwich it with the two cookies on the plate. Keep repeating this process until you have made a long cylinder snake like cake shape. Then with the remaining cream carefully spread it around the entire outside of the cake until it is completely covered. Then the tricky part, pop it into the fridge and wait over night. This is when the magic happens the next morning when you cut into the creamy goodness (make sure to cut on an angle!) you will find that the biscuits have turned into an amazing cakey master piece!

My mum use to decorate this cake with smarties and other goodies turning it into a snake for my birthday which always made me squeal with delight. So the options are endless with this cake, you could try different flavoured biscuits or even flavoured cream what ever you want! But be sure to start with the original and in my heart the best, you wont be disappointed!