Sunday, 12 May 2013

Summer Ball!

So here it is as promised!

The day started off with a much awaited trip to the salon. Now as a girl who has quite a bit of hair I prepared myself for a long appointment , seems I was getting a full head of foils and a cut and finish. But much to my surprise it took little over 3 hours! Though I was not one to argue as the finished product was fantastic!

On the bus over to Chichester doesn't my hair look great!...

And presto! Everything about my hair I love, I got it shorter then usual to keep it nice and healthy. If you have long hair like me this is a must as it keeps those scary split ends at bay!

Now on to the Summer ball!

I've had this dress since I was 17 and I'm proud to say that this is the best its ever fit me!

My sexy man in his sexy suit hehe

Silent disco! You get a pair of headphones and have two stations to choose from. It was so funny watching everyone dance and sing, without a doubt the best part of the night!


Sadly you cant see but for my makeup I went with an amazing combo of different golds to match my gold accessories. I also went all out with low lights and highlights to really bring out my cheek bones.

All in all it was a great night! The only down fall being that pesky British weather showing up around midnight leading to an early departure home. But we made the most of it with a sneaky late night food shop where I picked up some green tea, kiwis and low fat gelato, as any normal student does after a night out!...