Thursday, 9 May 2013

Healthy Bites

Been awhile since I posted one of these! Been crazy busy with my last week of uni but I've got my act together and am here to show you all the lovely bits and pieces my tummies enjoyed this week.

Simple and clean what more could you want!

Greek yogurt, banana, berries, granola and PB2. Wow what a combo!

I've replaced my bread with whole wheat pitas, I find I don't bloat as much when I eat these.

My go to combo before every workout, then after my workout I have my breaky. This wakes your body up without dragging it down with way too much food.

Roasted hazelnuts were the star ingredient of this meal so yummy!

Excited to say I officially finished university today so as a present to myself. I grabbed a yummy teriyaki salmon with black rice it was delicious.

Hope you enjoyed my post! Stay tuned because tomorrow I  will be going to my Summer Ball and will have my camera at the ready to document every part of the day!