Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pb2 Popcorn and fitness progress!

Hey guys happy Tuesday!

If you remember from my trip up to London I bought a bag of Gourmet popcorn from Whole Foods and I've been itching to use it ever since. Luckily last Friday Star trek opened in our local cinema and I couldn't think of a better excuse!

To make this as guilt free as possible I didn't want to use any fat to cook the corn, so I tested out a few kernels and when they popped I knew it was hot enough.

The key in making sure your corn doesn't burn is to shake the pot every now and then, and what ever you do don't take your eyes off it!

And like magic I made popcorn! I felt like a little kid giggling as the popcorn jumped and popped Dan found the whole thing very amusing. For the movie I decided to add Pb2 and a tbsp of melted choc chips. Two cups came to only 100 calories! So I added half a cup of Cheerios into the mix hehe Was a great success and with The Great Gatsby opening this week I cant wait to try a new combination. Any suggestions??

If you follow me on Instagram you would of already seen this but I couldnt help but show you a photo of my progress so far. I dont want to post a full body shot until the end of my bikini challege but I thought this would give you guys an idea of how far I've come. It's nice to see these photos and know that all the early mornings are really paying off and to know that this is only the start of my journey!

Kisses and big bear hugs! xx