Monday, 6 May 2013

Trip to London!

Yesterday me and Dan went up to London for a foodies/ shopping extravaganza and boy did we have fun! Our main focus first off was to get Dan a handsome suit for our Summer Ball next week! But as well as that I was in dire need of summer clothes.

Hope enjoy my mammoth post, couldnt wait to post and show you guys what we got up too!

Heading up to London nice and early!

If you ever go to London you MUST visit the Borough Markets. We went in the morning and kick started our day with an awesome breaky! I went to the Organic Juice Bar for a yummy Acai smoothie.
And Dan enjoyed he usual favourite an egg and bacon sandwich, the smells coming from this grill were insane!
Though the fruit and veg are expensive the quailty is undeniable. Mmmmmmm they looked so good!
Ok in my defence it was my cheat day and even the most fit crazed person would feel weak in the knees at the sight of this!
And they put leeks and onions in it, now that's just plain mean I just couldn't say no!

This sandwich was amazing it's my go to food at the market now, I was a very happy girl. For the record I only ate half, moderation my friends moderation.
Waiting for the subway..Whats he laughing at?

Ah right me.

Dans part of the day! He got an awesome suit from Topman cant wait to see him in it Friday!
After battling our way through Topshop we were in need of a little pick me up.
Outside of Whole Food picking up some dinner for later. Yes I went a little crazy shopping but hay I was in London how can you not! Selfriges will be my down fall I could spend all day in there!
Chilling in Victoria Station eating our well deserved dinner.
Trying to finish my London trip healthy, not quite sure how that pudding got there ow well guess I'll have to eat it!
And here are some of the goodies I bought, both are awesome products the lip stick colour I got was Costa Chick great colour for summer. Also bought a pair of skinny jeans from Topshop and amazing ripped denim shorts from River Island. Cant believe I can actually fit into short shorts now!

Well hope you enjoyed my very veryyyy long post I'm off to grab some yummy breaky.