Friday, 31 May 2013

A few of my favourite things...

When it comes to Pinterest I do tend to get a bit obsessive, it's crazy how such a simple concept can be so addicting but hay ho it's just a fact of life it's my guilty little pleasure.

Now sit back and enjoy a little peak into my every evolving wish list.

Home sweet home- It's coming to that time of year when I miss the simple pleasures of home. And one major trigger is food bbqs, seafood, sushi the list is endless. And two things I crave on a regular basis are these two babies sausage rolls and lamingtons. Now you should know what sausages are but for those of you who are unfamiliar with lamingtons, it's a sponge cake which is dipped in chocolate then smothered in coconut. Their so goooooood! Makes me proud to be Aussie!
Fashion- Loving this combo, it's just so cool and chilled. Can picture this as the perfect Sunday outfit if your heading out for breakfast or something.

Perfect start to the day- Since starting my new healthy lifestyle breakfast has become one of my favourite meals of the day, and to wake up to something like this well that's just even better!

Mean green fighting machine- Came across this pin the other day and was so happy I did! It's basically a giant list of different green smoothies. I never use to like the idea of green smoothies until I did my 3 day detox a few months back and since then my eyes have been opened to the wonder of the colour green!

My space-It's crazy to think in a few months time I'll be moving up to London with my partner Dan. We haven't found a place to live yet but we're for ever searching. Now I do live in the real world and understand how expensive it is to live in central London, but that's why I'm coming up with so many handy tips and ideas to make even the smallest of apartments a perfect little hideaway.

Things that make me giggle- Ha! Don't you just love this! Would be the perfect addition to any couch as a little reminder for those days when you'd just prefer to be a couch potato hehe