Thursday, 16 May 2013

Healthy Bites

Hay guys hope your all having an awesome week!

Today is a special day as Dan finally finishes uni as well. I am currently sitting in our living room waiting for his return with a fridge full of goodies which have taken me two days to make! The reason behind this is because the recipe needs dulce del leche, and being me I decided to grab a can of condensed milk and make some myself. It took around 4hrs to cook in the simmering water and if you want to do this yourself at home make sure to poke some holes in the top of the can or it might explode. Yes given the sound of a caramel flavoured explosion does sound temping... but the clean up is so not worth it!

They may look simple but these things are a family favourite in my house hold so no judging! I used hobnobs and in the oven i warmed them till they were soft enough the mold into little cups then I spooned in my yummy caramel and then topped it off with whipped cream. Note to all, you've probably gathered these are so not low fat but as a treat to yourself I highly recommend them! Best thing is there so rich you'll only need one to be fully satisfied.

Baked oatmeal has been my go to breaky this week! With a combo of berries, bananas and hazelnuts this was a yummy meal to wake up too.

How good does this look! A simple egg white omlette with tomatos and strawberries on the side.

Major bread craving this week so I decided to head to the shops and pick up some good quality soda bread. Peanut butter on one and cheese and turkey on the other. This got rid of the cravings and made me a very happy girl!

Late night tonight just got home from watching The Great Gatsby (Left this post half undone from this morning so wanted to finish it off lol). This was a visual master piece! I loved how they made it current to younger audiences with music and costumes, very clever indeed. Buy your tickets asasp, this is a must see for lovers of class and elegance.