Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lsmt audition in London

So this weekend I had an audition at LSMT for their one year course and as this was my final audition the pressure was on! The first part of the audition consisted of me singing two contrasting songs, after which I would find out if I was successful in moving on to the call backs or not.

My morning didn't start off too well as I woke to a migraine but I was determined to plow through. Once in London we got ourselves some highly needed caffeine and started the long treak over the Thames to Southbank where I bought myself a naughty little pastry to kick start my engines for the morning audition.  The audition itself was really great, unlike other schools I felt very relaxed and not at all nervous making it much easier to concentrate and get in the zone. The panel consisted of two men who were both welcoming and knowledgeable. I was so chuffed with my songs and how they went and I was beyond thrilled when they told me on the spot that they wanted me to come back for the call backs! They gave me heaps of tips on what they wanted me to do for next time, including chucking on some heels and embracing my height which I couldn't be more happy with!

So I've got two weeks to learn a new song and a new monologue, but I love the pressure so bring on the call backs!

Now for some instagram moments of course!


Mid day pick me up from Whole Foods, Banana honey and granola so yummy! Also bought a ginger drink to settle my stomach seems migraines tend to make me fill ill.

Seems to be working!

One of my biggest fans keeping me company on a very stressful day hehe

Been wanting to try a goodie from this bakery forever! It's called The Outsider Tart and after a successful audition I rewarded myself with a snickers brownie.

Filled with caramel, peanuts and chocolate whats not to love!

Finished off the day with a little visit to the Queen. The gods were definitely smiling down on me that day!

Love and hugs to all xxx