Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30 Day shred Level two complete!

Yes you read right I finished level two! And omg their not joking when they say it's hard...

The first day my face was red as a tomato and it took me an hour to recover. Yet slowly I started to recover quicker and quicker. I will admit though it only got a tad easier for me towards the end! I was so worried because I kept hearing how it got easier at the end and here I was sweating my butt off each morning, it was brutal! But I'm proud to say I've reached the end of the level, it was tough but I never gave in and that's what counts.

So welcome to Level 3! Today was my first day and I so nervous  but at the same time eager to try something new and challenging. So the big question how did I go? Great! This whole time I've been worried that I haven't made as much improvement as I would like, yet I found level 3 quite easy to push through. But by no means was it easy, no way! The workout was tough but as someone who enjoys core/ab workouts this worked to my strengths.

Moving on from my morning me and Dan went shopping today which was exciting as I was shopping for clothes for my holiday to fit my new healthier self! My first hurdle was Topshop jeans, now this was always a mute point with me seems sizes that were meant to fit me wouldn't even get over my thighs! And I got to the point where I wouldn't even bother. But I'm proud to say I went in, walked around and grabbed everything I wanted including some skinny jeans! And they fit! I even had to ask Dan to go and get me a smaller size and even though they were quite fitted I had no unwanted bits popping over. I could of worn a crop top with those jeans and for me to say that is amazing! Everything I tried on looked great and I wanted to buy every single outfit!

This journeys only just started for me but when I look at how far Ive come I cant help but be crazy proud of what I've achieved!

I know making that first step is scary when you think about the long journey ahead  but I can promise you that time goes quick and when you look back you'll be amazed at what you're capable of.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

peace out x