Saturday, 27 April 2013

A few of my favourite things..

Hello all happy Saturday! Hope your having a lovely day. I know I am and after a busy morning I've dubbed today onseie day!

So as I lay cosy on my couch I've decided to share some pretty little bits and bobs I've fallen in love with this week. Because every day deserves a little something pretty!

Favourite wedding accessory: These are amazing! I love the idea of having a beautiful white wedding dress with a sneaky bit of colour hidden away.

Favourite cruise pick: So with all this hard work I've been doing plus with my amazing cruise holiday fast approaching how could I not want a stunning new bikini!


Favourite dream house: Keep seeing this pop up all over Pinterest! So without a doubt I've decided to paint a wall in my kitchen with chalk board paint, when I have my own kitchen that is...
Favourite moment of bliss: Every time I look at this photo I feel so relaxed it's crazy! All you gotta do is replace that tea with green tea and you have yourself a perfect moment.

Favourite wedding dress: This dress is amazing!
The detail on the top is simply perfect.

Favourite Breaky moment: Bread and butter with coffee, pure heaven.

Favioute cheat goodie: Hello its a jelly dount with a
peanut butter glaze need I say more!

Faviourte quote to live by: Always use to think I was a mermaid when I was little. Guess it must be true!

Well until next time have a great weekend and make sure to find your own little piece of bliss today!

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