Sunday, 21 April 2013

Food shopping the healthy way!

In my house hold Sunday is food shop day! I remember when I first moved out of my parents house, food shopping was a hassle and the things I came home with were beyond shameful..

But hay ho we all learn and here I am nearly three years later I have learnt from my mistakes and have a shopping layout that helps me keep in budget as well as come home with healthy yummy food!

Dan rewarded my awesome shopping skills with a yummy soy ice latte, plus a little snack from our shopping endeavours. Realised that my mid morning snack was 100% Vegan, starting to consider a vegan month??..

So here are a few things from my shopping today so excited to try them out! But first a few tips on how to get the most out of your foodie day.

Foodie Tips!

  • Make a list- I love this part! Each Saturday in my free time I goggle and put together a list of what I wanna make for the following week. I break it down into Dinners, Lunches, Breaky and snacks/cooking items. This helps you to stick to a guide of what you want and above all a budget! Every time I forget to do this list I manage to go over budget...

  • Don't shop on an empty stomach- Whenever I do I'm crabby and all I want is bad food! It's plain and simple eat before you go.

  • Take your time- Enjoy food shopping, once you find a love for food you'll put more care into what you eat. Have fun with it!

  • Key healthy foods to stock up on!
-Fruits-I get frozen seems I get more for my money and their great for smoothies.

-Veggies- Great for lunches during the week. 

-Eggs- This is the best thing to stock up on, I have egg white omelette's for breaky and then I hard boil them for salads, the chooses are endless!

-Nuts- Great sprinkled on yogurt, I always get hazelnuts I absolutely love them.

-Portion size snacks- I always get a few chooses to keep things interesting during the week.