Monday, 1 April 2013


Crazy to think it's been over a week since RENT finished and what a whirlwind its been! I had to deal with a stubborn flu, juggling my drama school auditions as well as producing a performance I could be proud of. Annoying to say my voice never quite recovered to its full potential during the tour but I will say it taught me a lot and next time that happens I'll know what steps to take!

Along the way I took the chance to take as many photos as I could and am excited to share them with you right this second!

Production week brought about one of my favourite days the SITZ PROB! This is the day when the cast finally get to meet the band and get to sing through the show with the band for the first time. As a singer first and foremost this is one of the best parts its like watching the show jump to a whole new level!

Sadly though despite the fact it was the middle of spring the Sitz Prob finished early due to a fricken snow blizzard! A SNOW BLIZZARD!! Crazy but true...did however have an excuse to wear my awesome wellies!

This was my awesome costume! My favourite part was the amazing corset hehe

Started to go a bit loopy toward the end of the tour...

On the way to a theatre in Brighton!

The best surprise of all was the two lots of roses I received, one from my awesome man and the other from my awesome parents all the way back in Australia.