Friday, 12 April 2013

Healthy Bites

Hey yall!

Isn't temptation a pain in the butt! Went to Smiths the other day and got myself a cheeky little fitness mag went up to the counter to pay and there sprawled out in front of me was an array of discounted chocolate! 'No!' I said when the guy asked if I wanted anything else! Hardest no  I'd said all week or so I thought... Apparently in England when you buy a fitness magazine it's perfectly normal to get six 1.99 Mac Donald's meal vouchers. Temptation at every turn I tell ya.

Ow well onto more yummier things!

Healthy Tortilla Pizza-

Instead of a dough base simply use tortillas, then chuck on heaps of yummy veggies and a sneaky bit of low fat cheese ( I used lowlow grated, melts really well!) and bobs your uncle!

Banana Split-

This was way to much fun to make! I cut a banana in half, smothered a tsp of wholefoods peanut butter on one half, then wedged it back together. Next I drizzled some low fat yogurt as well as my homemade jam ( I just cooked down frozen berries with a squeeze of lemon juice) and then finally crushed half a digestive biscuit on top for a little crunch. Very addictive!

Oats+jam+bananas+peanut butter = pure happiness

My new weights arrived! Might be pink but they sure pack a punch!