Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pineapple studio audition

This Monday I woke up bright and early (03.45!) and hoped on a train to London for my first ever professional audition at Pineapple Studios. Now for those of you who don't know this studio well basically to give you a ruff idea any major musical production have their auditions here so it's a very big deal! I arrived at the studio at 7.30, a whole two hours before the audition and there was already a line... Well I decided to skip to morning caffeine fix and start lining up. Lucky thing I did because a hour after I arrived the line was wrapping itself all the way around the corner! The audition itself was crazy and manic we all lined up inside the studio had our photo taken as well as our height and weight...cringe!.... We were then taken in groups of 10 to a door where we were shoved through one by one to sing our best 16 bars ( less then 30 seconds!). The large panel of judges spared no time for chit chat and by the time I could catch my breath I had finished my song and was being ushered back out. Sadly to say I did not get a call back but as my first audition I more so went for the experience and to learn what to do next time, so all in all it was well worth the trip up!

This was merely a handful of people who auditioned trust me there were a heck of a lot more! They just kept coming and coming and coming.......

Now I know I'm big on all things healthy but I'm here to say if there was anything on this plant that would make me cheat for a day my god its this little beaut! The best part was it was warm WARM CINNAMON BUN! I could of died happy then and there...On a health point though I only ate half of it, will power at the MAX!

Happy to say I finished the day off healthy and happy with an awesome salad and my favourite drink. Can I just say how amazing Whole Foods Market is! Never been there before I was like a kid in a candy store spent over an hour in there! haha