Thursday, 25 April 2013

Yoga for beginners

So today I woke up and felt absolutely horrible, I really wanted to workout but my motivation was rock bottom. After a few hours of avoiding my sneakers I came across something I had been wanting to try for ages, yoga! It's actually another Jillian Micheal's workout video, and I was so excited to do something different and give it a try!

It's true what they say that yoga's a way of life or that it's a practise. The video lasted for 30 minutes and man was it great! I thought it would be easy but it actually pushed me harder then I thought, I was sweating just as much as I do in my other fitness video. So without a doubt I'm adding yoga to my workout, I'm also gonna try it out on my Sundays off as well as days when I'm not felling too great.


So keep watching this space, I'm sure you'll be seeing much more on my new found love YOGA!

So to my friends out there any of you every tried yoga before? 
Favourite positions?
Have you ever tried Aerial Yoga??