Sunday, 14 April 2013

Frozen banana cupcakes

Literally came up with this idea while I was sleeping last night. I love frozen bananas their like a healthy ice cream, so I decided to come up with cute little portion size deserts to enjoy! Once you get the base going you can basically add what ever flavours you want. My two flavours are peanut butter and berry.

-2 bananas
-1 cup of greek yogurt
-8 biscuits ( to get the calories right I used 30 cal biscuits)
-1 tsp peanut butter
-1Tbsp berry jam
-chocolate chips (optional)


For the base mash up half a rip banana and combined with the 8 biscuits crushed up. Preheat the oven to 230c (450f). Place a tsp of the dough in each cupcake case and push down to cover the entire base, bake for around 10 minutes. Next mash the remaining bananas and combined with the yogurt and blend until smooth. Split the batter in half and mix in the peanut butter in one and berry sauce in the other. Spoon into your now cooled base and freeze.

Their so cute!

Peanut butter- 85 cal!
Berry- 70!