Monday, 22 April 2013

Cheat meals yay or nay?

I've always had a weakness for naughty sweet treats. My nights use to be filled with whole packets of chips and bars of chocolate. I use to think eating these treats were ok because I use to have a habit (which I now know is so bad!) of skipping breakfast and having a small sad little lunch. I've learnt so much this year and feel so much happier and healthy because of it!

So now that you have an idea of my past eating habits you can imagine how hard it's been cutting out and changing my lifestyle. I've done well so far but like any normal human I still crave my goodies! That's when I came across the idea of a Cheat Meal. Basically the idea is by having one cheat meal a week it stops your body from plateauing by confusing your metabolism.

Like changing you workout every 4 weeks the same can be said for your food. If your body starts to get use to the food your eating that's when weight loss becomes harder. So by having something different you shock your body and your body continues to burn baby burn! Even though it is a cheat meal there are some guide lines it's best to stick too.

  • If your willpower is weak then think about having a cheat snack instead, mini bag of chocolate etc.

  • It's a Cheat Meal not a Cheat Day!

  • Just because its a treat doesn't mean you have to eat enough for the whole day.

  • The day after get back into the swing of things with a sweaty workout and a yummy healthy breaky.

With this awesome news I've already picked my Cheat Meal for this Saturday wanna know what it is?? Drum roll please brummmmmmm brummmmmmmmm

In England this stuff is hard to find! But I found it and it was only 1 pound! woohoooo!