Sunday, 11 November 2012

Audition for RENT! and makeup and Lush!

So as you all know this week I have my Tour audition for RENT! Its been a very stressful month leading up to this point full of many set backs but lots of good moments as well. Its come to the final count down and for such an important audition I'm feeling quite calm. To add to the calm environment I've decided to go on a little shopping trip tomorrow, now this is purely for audition essentials of cause....

In order I don't spend money on unnecessary items I've basically already worked out what I'm gonna get, the main categories including makeup and skin care all very important items for my audition!...


I am obsessed with Lush so when ever my skin is looking a little sad or I have some cheeky money set aside I make it my go to shop! Last trip was my birthday and I was lucky enough to get three things. The first being Sea Salt this stuff was great I would without a doubt buy it again, it smelt refreshing and instead of leaving my skin red and irritated like I find with most scrub products my skin was silky smooth to the touch even before I put moisturiser on! Next was a face mask called BB Seaweed even before I read the write up I knew this would be the one for me as I know how good seaweed is for your face and I'm happy to say my skincare knowledge did not disappoint! It was cooling and smelt great! I was a very happy girl when this stuff was on my face and if your like me and have combination skin buy it! I promise you wont be disappointed! Last but not least was Dreamwash, now annoyingly this being the most expensive I don't have any big raves for it, it smelt great and felt nice going on but that's where it stopped my skin didn't feel any different after I dried myself so all in all little disappointed.. 

This time seems I want to look amazing for the audition! lol I've decided to go with a face mask, a cleanser to combat my slightly reddish skin and something else I'm thinking another face scrub but who knows what I'll come across on the day! Other then Lush products I need to update some of my makeup supplies pronto. Eyeliner is a must as my current one is clumping and it's not a pretty sight.. I also wanna get a deep red lipstick as I see Maureen wearing something like this and I though it might help me channel my inner rock chick. Now next I think I either need highlighting and contorting powder or natural palette eye shadow, in a perfect world I would buy both but until I see how much everything cost that perfect world is but a far fetched notion..

Will update you on what I got wish me luck!

                                                 Me in my lovely BB seaweed face mask!