Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Trip home to aussie land!

Hey yall!

So I've been a very very busy be, I'm currently auditioning at drama schools for my Masters. Stressful as it is I'm also rehearsing for my tour as well as uni assessments ARGHHH and yes this is my excuse for not writing to you guys lately. But enough of that onto the topic at hand.

This Christmas I was lucky enough to hop on a plane with my man all the way back home to Australia! After a very long 23 hour flight and no sleep on my part we arrived to a sunny Brisbane. Christmas day was full of way too much food, as well as wayyyyy too many gifts.

 During my trip I was also lucky enough to try on wedding dresses for the first time! It was a very exciting yet at the same time stressful day. So to all you brides to be out there chill and enjoy the day, don't force yourself  to find a dress, but at the same time if you find the one its ok to buy it on the first day. I had this very thing happen to me, after trying on countless dresses that did'nt fit me along with one store lady saying for one dress my size equalled to a 16 I was at the point of breakdown. But then one store brought out a size 12 sip up gown and I swear to god it was like it was made for me! It was amazing and gorgeous. But after wearing it for 10 minutes slowly a little voice creeped into the back of my head too sooooon, keep looking, what about London? So yes in the end I did not walk away with the dress but I did work out what looks best on my body type, which for the record is NOT A SIZE 16! grrrrrr.

My hens night was also preordained on my trip and it was awesome and out of this world! The theme for the night was feathers and along with jello shots, feather boa's , night clubs and yummy colourful cocktails it was everything I could of hoped for.