Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Musical Theatre MA auditions

Welcome to uni reading week the blessed time where students are meant to study but instead bugger off home.

Me at RENT, very long day dont judge!

But not me, nop I'm here as always due to the fact that to bugger off home would involve a hefty amount of money. No problem though with a very busy March approaching theres no time to relax! So whats making my month so busy you ask well I'll tell you. It's my MA auditions, I'm highly excited yet at the same time extremely nervous about my upcoming auditions. But as this new chapter is finally about to begin I couldn't be more ready!

The schools I'm going for are GSA and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. When coming to England the first time I auditioned at GSA for their BA and though I did getting through to the second last round, sadly I went no further. But with nearly 3 years of new experience under my belt I am extremely excited to show off my new skills!

This whole week has been dedicated to the work I'm showing in the coming weeks. In the audition write up it asked for two contrasting songs and two contrasting monologues but after a few tips I decided to present three songs and two monologues.


*Roxanne- Sting (Rock)
*Maybe I like it this way- Wild Party (Musical/slow tempo)
*Everybody says don't- Anyone can Whistle (Musical/up tempo)


Crazy-One act play (Dramatic piece)
Lisa's monologue- Boy's Life (funny/light piece)

So this is what I've decided to present, I've been working very hard this week so hopefully my hard work pays off! My aims for this week has been character study and with five character it's been a very big task. My main characters however have been my monologue pieces, as I find straight acting the most challenging. But I've been beyond happy with the work I've produced lately so all I can say is BRING IT ON!