Thursday, 21 February 2013

Healthy Desserts

So with a new year comes a new way of life. I've decided to start eating healthier, which is probably obvious after my 3 day detox (Will be writing a post on that soon!). And after around 3 months of this new lifestyle I've picked up a few helpful tips I thought I would share.

My top tips to healthy eating:

*Start eating breakfast! This was my problem I would always skip it and just eat when I was hungry NOT.GOOD!. I'm eating porridge every morning along with any extra fruit I have laying around, it's great as it's slow burning and keeps you full longer.

*Drink green tea, and in the morning squeeze lemon into it. It's rich with antioxidants and along with the lemon it gets your body burning quicker and faster.

*Don't cut out the goodies. I know what your thinking but trust me if you cut out all of your favourite things from the get go I give it a week till your cranky and craving something bad. Trust me no one wants to be around that person, I know from experience!

* Water, water and MORE WATER. I know its boring and you've herd it all before but it's good for you, so deal with it and drink up!

*Substituting. This is fun and easy to do, look at you favourite recipes and simply work out what are the key high calorie ingredients. Then find something to replace it that's lower in fat easyyyyy! Like for instance instead of classic cottage pie with the mountains of mash on top I like to replace it with cauliflower mash! Way wayyyy lower in fat and its prepared the same as any other mash. Even changing your butter or oil to something less fatty and you'll be amazed with how many calories your cutting.

Now onto the yummy little things I've made today!

Cake in a mug!!

This thing is so fricken cool. It's easy to make, simply and you can add whatever you want.


Now I'll link the recipe below but I substitute a few things, for example I used almond milk instead of normal milk, it's great and low in fat! Also unsweetened cocoa.

Choc Banana Tart-

*Pre made pastry shells
*Low fat choc pudding

All you have to do is assemble it in the order shown! And another good tip is their individual servings, saving you from over indulging!