Friday, 8 February 2013

3 day detox challenge

Ever since I got back from auz I've lost a bit of weight and through this unintentional act I've decided to go healthy and with this in mind welcome to the first day of my 3 day doctor oz detox! I came across it a few days ago and thought hell yea! The idea came  from a fellow blogger, the name of her blog is The Skinny Confidential and it is fricken awesome. A few post ago she and few others decided to go on this juice detox. It looked like fun but at 165 a pop for the 3 day detox I decided to take things into my own hands. The detox I'm doing consist of 3 smoothies ( which I think will be better then juices cause there more filling) and a morning green tea. Did I mention it all came just under 20 pounds! ( or 16 dollars :) )

Day 1 morning:

So I woke up this morning for ballet and made my green tea with a slice of lemon yum yum! I love green tea it's great drinking it in the morning as its a great antioxidant, it also kick starts your metabolism for the rest of the day. Next came my smoothie and I am drinking it as I speak. I'll post the recipes bellow but the morning one basically consist of raspberries and spinach, yes you herd me spinach. Don't freak out you don't taste it you merely get all the yummy good for you benefits!
So will keep you updated with how the detox goes I am now off to ballet talk soon x

Bye bye