Monday, 25 February 2013

The Wedding Planner

Loved my week off, got heaps of works for my Masters done but by the end of the week my voice had given up. It sucked not being able to sing or practise for a few days but I think my voice needed it. After my break I'm back into RENT rehearsals, it's going so quickly that theres only two weeks till we go on tour! I'm not freaking out I'm too busy to worry so instead I'm practising and rehearsing till everythings the way I want.

Wedding news update!

So I think I might have a wedding planner! Originally my mum was going to plan my entire wedding but after looking at the amount of work involved ie language, paper work, planing a wedding in a place we've never been and general knowledge of good vendors it made sense to invest in some help. I'm so excited to have someone to vent all my ideas too and to annoy with way too many emails! As well as this exciting news my parents also surprised me and Dan with the offer of having the entire wedding at the Villa Balbianello and of course we said yes! I thought we might have the ceremony there so I was beyond excited at the prospect of having the entire wedding there!

One last point before I leave you lovely readers to the land of 0 calorie chocolate ( Yes that's my idea of dream land!) I wanna show you what I bought myself today. Little Lush pick me up of course!Technically its for my audition, I'm hoping it will give me amazing golden locks the judges simply wont be able to refuse. I have just washed it out so I wont know the results until the morning so will keep you informed!

Night night yall! xxxx