Saturday, 30 March 2013

Summer Body Challenge

So your all probably aware I've decided to change my eating habits and because of this I've lost 6Kg! Now this might not seem like a lot but this was merely by changing small eating habits, no crazy diets or cutting all sweets out (heck no!). So with this in mind it's motivated me to go one step further and throw some hard core workouts in the mix!

2 weeks ago I had a full two weeks of boot camp and they were amazing! Within that small period I already saw changes, but sadly with the show week taking the spotlight boot camps came to a halt. Don't get me wrong I loved my break but I'm coming up to a week of no physical activity and the last thing I want is all my hard work going to waste!
So starting tomorrow I am kicking off a new work out routine. I have pin pointed my least favourite body parts and after a fun night of Pinterest/fitness mag searches I've come up with my first work out!

Here's list of my undesirables-

1) Legs/thighs, I wanna be able to wear short shorts all summer long, hello I'm 6 foot I wanna show them off!

2)Bum, now I love my bum its one of my favourite assets but with bikini season coming up I want it to be it prim condition! hehe

3) Abs, This is the big daddy for me, though my stomach it quite flat for such a curvy girl I want to step it up and get some real muscles showing through!

 My deadline is for the 1st of June.

I am going on a awesome holiday with my mum and nan on the 4th of June to plan my wedding as well as a sneaking cruise around the Mediterranean thrown in and I want to look summer ready!

If you want to join on my Summer Body Challenge email me at and follow my page more info on exercises to come!

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