Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Street Food

With funds tight these last few weeks the furthest I've travelled is to my market  where I sell my cupcakes 10 minutes away! But finally someone above has herd my pleas and just a few days ago my mum back in Australia won 10 thousand dollars! And this time tomorrow I'll have a lovely little injection of hard cold cash wooooooooo. So what to do, what do to? Ahhhhhh London duhhh! lol Yep Thursday me and my h2b will be hopping on a train and heading up to Central London. Now it goes without saying we have our go to activities, mine being the Borough markets! Arghhh this place is amazing, I stumbled upon it last Christmas with my parents, rows and rows of baked goods invading your senses like all my Christmas's come at once. And since then I've been making my way there every chance I've had.

Apart from mindlessly dragging my poor partner around this markets we also like to indulge in a little retail therapy. So along with our favourite outings this week I've decided to do some food exploring!  As you can tell from my heading I'm obsessed with street food so with the recent explosion of true on the go food in the streets of London I've decided to hit the pavement and experience it for myself. Will post later on what I find!