Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Would you like a side of rain with that cucpake?

Hello Blogging world been a while since I last posted and the reason behind that is I have no Internet in my house!

This last week has been horrible every time I've had an urge to blog or to goggle recipes I was left with the fact  that i was cut off from everything. So now here I am tucked away in one of the many computers at my Uni library unable to take to isolation anymore! With that lovely intro over lets get on with the good stuff UPDATE TIME! 

 As you all know I ventured into my first ever market on Saturday to sell my cupcakes and brownies, very exciting you may think well that's what I thought but the day didn't quite start off how I imaged. I awoke to a sky that had seen better days, though it was not raining the prospect felt very high.Seeing this did not put me in the best of moods, though in actual fact maybe cooking till 12 at night was the real culprit. However in my sleepy haze I was determined the blackened sky was out to get me. Following this revaluation I dragged my butt out of bed to the mirror where with my eyes half opened ( or half closed) I somehow managed to make myself look presentable and most importantly awake! This was then followed by the ever popular scavenge in the kitchen to find something filling, yet small enough not to chock on as I stuffed it down my mouth in one. After my rummage I did my ever popular check list followed but the daunting task of getting my fiance up, ready and out the door, 20 minutes later mission accomplished!

You know when a storms coming and you can fill it in the air? It like hangs over you comforting you like a big cosy donna, but on a day when all I had was a flimsy tent to cover me so not the right time! Luckily the weather somehow always managed to stay two steps behind me so as I walked to the market from the train station ( yes I do not own a car) the heavns thankfully never opened onto me, my fiance and my little cupcakes. When we arrived we were shown our space and the setting up began, This whole week hadn't quite felt real until this moment. As a kid I dreamt up silly money making scemms always to fall at the finally huddle but now here I was setting up cakes I had made myself from scratch ready to sell to the unsuspecting buyers and traders of this car boot sale one word came to mind, Weird. The time came to sell and the field was full to the brim with people yet somehow their eyes always managed to cross over my table but never pull them over the barrier to buy. At this point with the combination of rain in the air, wind, nowhere near enough food in my stomach and now people not buying the cupcakes I slaved over I was officially pissed! Its not like my cupcakes were ugly they where beautiful! Ok so a few deep breaths......little more....... ok filling a bit better and here come the rain ow COME ON! But wait the rain is bringing people under my tent for shelter! A lady looks over my table her eyes searching and they land on my yummy brownies and she buys not one but two! After my first ever purchase people start slowly coming in, little girls bouncing up and down for my pink vanilla cupcakes, grown men groaning in delight over my favourite S'mores brownies. This is how I pictured my first day and at the end even though I only broke even and the rain did eventually catch up to me, the comments and appreciation for my work made the day all worth it. Bring on next week!!! minus the rain...