Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Simple vs WOW

So as a baker I love to try new things, I love to experiment and try flavour combos out of the norm. My problem is that when it comes to my cupcake stall there are so many things I wanna make but is simple better? Sadly I'm not lucky enough to live in America or London ( yet lol) where the new and strange is celebrated not frowned upon, even getting my h2b to try new things is a day to day struggle so this is my dilemma..

I think I've decided to come to a middle ground where the sales woman and the cook it me are both satisfied. So with this new found resolution I've finished my list of baked good for my cupcake stall;
Vanilla cupcake with a rich vanilla buttercream frosting
Rich chocolate cupcake with chocolate butercream frosting
Apple crumble cupcake with vanilla buttercream and crumble topping
Strawberry and Balsamic chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganche
Rich gooey fudge brownie
Creamy S'more brownie with toasted mini marshmallow topping
So this is what i came up with as you can see the balsamic cupcake and s'mores brownie are my little quirky add but come every cook knows cooked balsamic is like a rich sweet syrup and who doesn't love toasted brownies!! I end my case.
So to all those  readers out there who share my love of the weird and wonderful I'm at the Ford Airfield Markets in Sussex England every Saturday  come and have a taste!