Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dont read a cupcake by its ugliness

My cupcake stall idea has exploded since I last wrote. I've been in contact with numerous vendors in the hopes of getting a stall and so far so good. I've had a positive response and they are all eager and willing so you would think that would be it right? WRONG! Apparently even though I only want to sell a small amount at a low key venue I have to have loads and loads of paper work and insurance! But I wasn't giving up just yet so I got a nice little quote for my public liability plus I have a kitchen inspection next week to get all my paper work in place.

This last week has been full of tears, vast amounts of icing sugar and one to many calls from unwanted insurance lines, but despite this I feel like the up hill climb is nearly at an end. Nearly...

Now the hardest part of this week has been finding the perfect cupcake recipe, if you said a week ago that this would be the hardest part I would think you were having a laugh but it is! Most of my tears have been due to this very fact!

My first recipe sounded to die for, it was a moist chocolate cupcake with balsamic strawberries inside mmmmmmmmm. Now my only down fall with this was I didn't have a cupcake tin so instead I just doubled the cupcake cups and hoped for the best. Ow dear god was I wrong...

Despite their sad looking structure these were sooooo yummy! The strawberries kept them moist for days after I had baked them! I then dipped the heads in a chocolate ganache which finished them off perfectly. So with a new cupcake tin in my possession these beauties will be ready to go!