Sunday, 24 June 2012

My little cupcake stall....

So I had my meeting with the organisers of the markets today. I woke to a stormy sky and an alarm clock that in reality was screaming at me way to early but hay like they say no pain no gain! My first priority was impression, hello vintage cupcake! Showing up in sweats doesn't really scream authenticity now does it! So despite what my h2b said i knew that looking the part was key, well that's what i thought at least. 40mins later I was ready to hit the pavement along with my man as my trusted adviser.

So this market well its split into three days two being the carboot sale and the normal market which is what we were looking at. Now despite the shitty weather the combination of stalls we're less then inspiring, I'm sorry but in my mind pillow cases, cleaning products and dips don't scream target market! But despite this i was determined to get something out of the trip, yet at 30 pounds per day my optimism was wearing thin. But suddenly a light bulb went off and the question that came from it was "Can i have my stall at the carboot sale?". Now I know it sounds weird but I have seen this carboot sale and the amount of people going to it was triple the market and when I found out I could have my stall there and it was only 10 pounds plus a tent I signed the dotted line without hesitation!

So my fate is sealed for next Saturday and I'm so excited and yet at the same time very nervous. To me cooking is like giving a little piece of myself to someone and saying "here's my soul what do you think?? ". Multiple times I've found myself crying for the mere reason my partner said it was good instead of "OMG out of this world!".

Silly but hay they say love makes all cooking taste good and god knows I got a lot of that!