Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lake of love...

As a little girl we all dream of that fairy tale wedding, the rugged and handsome prince charming, beautiful fragrant red roses and hundreds of emotional family and friends. Me myself had this exact dream along with the massive white ballgown, all though however have become nonexistent...

At the age of 18, two years to this day I packed up my life and memories in a suitcase and jetted off to England with big dreams of stardom spurring me on. A week after settling into my box size dorm room I met my real life prince charming Dan and from then on we've never looked back. We are now happily engaged and are excited to get the planning underway!

So the meaning behind my blog's name you ask? Its quite simple really along with the crazy love I have for my amazing man I also have a love for all things sweet and at the same time as planning my wedding I'm also setting up a mini cupcake business to keep me busy. So with this major headache inducing combo its sure to be an interesting ride!

Enjoy it with me.

  P.S this is where my wedding taking place, Lake Como!