Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cupcake Blues

I am currently residing at my partners parents house as it's the holidays and I need a break from being the domestic goddess that I am. As well as my much needed break I am also indeed of  cupcake time off as my current market organisers have left me up the stream without a paddle. I am beyond annoyed at the situation that I find myself in as the day started off so good!

At one point one lady bought every single brownie I had! And one lovely lady even asked for my contact details. My profit was 3 times what I had made the prior week, but somewhere in the back of my head I knew it was to good to be true and low and be hold it was! So long story short on  the way back to the station we received a phone call saying somehow it the midst of a beautiful summers day a random gust of wind blew a tent over damaging a car  resulting in us needing to pay for it. Thank goodness for my partner who took no nonsense and refused to pay for something that had nothing to do with us. Sadly though it goes without saying that due to this refusal our place at the market is now no more...

Sad face.... lol
I am so sad with how everything turned out but where one door closes a window opens, or something like that. So I'm full steam ahead with finding a new home for my lovely little cupcakes and fingers crossed I will once again be gracing the public with yummy backed goods. So if anyone out there in that vast world called the web actually follows me, you have any ideas or suggestion for markets? I'm in dire need of HELP!  So with that sad little lonely blogger plea over I am off to read my freshly purchased Wedding mag.

Goodnight night web, Goodnight world xxx