Saturday, 25 August 2012

Update: Voice Audition

woooooo isn't it pretty!!!

Been home for a week and have been crazy busy! My healthy endeavour has been harder then expected, I've signed up to the gym had have already gone 3 times in a week but eating healthy has been the hardest thing! I am trying though and though I indulge in the odd goody I try to make every meal as low in fat as possible, so everything evens itself out hehe. For example I bought a blender last week and being able to make all the yummy smoothies I crave make it easier.

I also tried my hand at low fat goodies which were cookies! Now can't revel to much cause there my food challenge of the week but lets just say theres no flour eggs or sugar in them! Intrigued? thought you might be hehe.

Cupcake stall has been one big headache this week! I finally found a new market and after organising my space and paper work I showed up to people who had no idea I was coming! I nearly got turned away  but luckily after a good few words I got in! But he said this was a one time only so though I sold alot on the day I was very close to giving up but someone above herd more crys because after a lengthy email I was told I could come back! SUCCESS! So I'm very happy now and am determined to solider on cause I love baking cause It's something I look forward to each week.

Last but not least me and my h2b had a visitor yesterday! My mans brother! We had a great day today shopping up a storm, well window shopping storm! hehe And with a lovely big pay cheque coming in the day before my birthday (25th of September)I have a very large list of must haves which I can't wait to actually go in and buy! Well must dash I'm off to have a fun night including a bottle of Schnapps and a movie drinking game! This should be interesting..
Jeez that's one scary face......

P.s I'm auditioning for The Voice on the 14th of September! Not my usual type of singing style, but with my friends and family bugging me about auditioning for ages I though I would give it a go WISH ME LUCK!