Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cheat day antics

This was quite a fun cheat day full of food, shopping, job interviews and more food! Tuesday is my only day off at the moment so with Dan having a job interview in the centre of London I decided to tag along and we could make a day of it. After nervously waiting for Dan's interview to finish (more on that later hopefully!) we hiked on into Covent Garden where I went all out on my cheat day.


 After going from a size 14 to a size 10 I've only just started to realise that non of my clothes fit properly! So this awesome top was an invest I swear hehe
 Dan decided to join in on my cheat day, think he was quite full by the end of it!
 New Converse trainers how dam pretty are these things! So comfy too!
 Nervously waiting for Dan's interview to end bought a cup of matcha green tea frozen yogurt for just 99p!
 Every time I've walked passed this place there's always a line outside the door, I've herd people rave, people not so sure but in the end I wanted to see for myself.
 And I'm happy to save it was amazing! I got a ''little cheese burger'', which I found out was basically a normal burger, where their idea of a normal burger was two patties. Might of been my cheat day but two patties was a little to far for me. All in all this burger was very very yummy, Dan was amazed with how quick I ate it!
Despite the face I had an amazing day out, full of lots of walking, chocolate, WholeFoods, Selfridges the list goes on and though I had a little case of the indigestions by the end of the day I would do it all again!

Well I'm off to read my new book (13 by Kelly Armstrong, amazing series) and relax with a little bit of chocolate, a girls gotta indulge at least once a day!