Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Healthy bites

Yay for fall! As an Aussie living in England you probably think I'm nuts but when the nights get longer and my jumpers start to look increasingly tempting I'm as happy as a kid on Christmas morning! Ow and speaking of Christmas look what I found (first photo)! I always get so excited when the food shops start to bring out festive themed chocolates, yes I do realise for most it might be a tad early but as my favourite time of year I couldn't think of better timing.

I'm lucky enough to have a very big and close family and when Christmas rolls around celebrations always go above and beyond something which I'll miss very much this year. Yes sadly there will be no flight home this year for me, instead Dan and I will be having our first Christmas in our new apartment, I'm so excited I've already started planning! But though I'm excited it would be nice to have a Christmas morning full of loud family and friends, way to many presents and way to much food but there's always next year and with me in charge of all the cooking plus the turkey its sure to be interesting!  

 My go to late night snack has been fruit and yogurt every night this week tad obsessive at the moment!
Sunday I let go of the reins and went out to dinner with a friend from university. The menu was so overwhelmingly massive I had no idea what to pick! In the end I ordered a cheese burger with guacamole, sweet potato fries and a soy peanut butter milkshake. The fries and shake were amazing! So soooooo addictive, the burger was good but out of everything I could have had wish I picked something a tad more exciting.
 Yummy smoked haddock and leek fish cakes on Monday night with a simple salad to bulk it out.
More yogurt of course with a little added crunch of toasted hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.
Yes this is no joke you are not seeing things! It's the new Poptart flavour Chocolate Peanut Butter! I got way too excited when I came across this box and couldn't get my card out quick enough. And as a side note they taste AMAZING! But be careful cause even though they come in wrapped packets of two that doesn't mean you pop them both in the toaster! I understand your peanut butter addition, I feel your pain but put that Poptart down save that other one for a rainy day you'll thank me later!