Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Healthy bites

Early morning here in the UK, was woken from my slumber by a very annoying txt and once I'm up I'm up so here I am typing away enjoying my blueberry parfait and chai banana smoothie ready to dish out to all you lovely readers what I got up to food wise this week.

 As a girl living on a tight budget I've come to appreciate things I never use too. This for example is something me and Dan look forward to and always budget towards, just a nice coffee together. Mine is a half sweet soy chai latte (of course!) and Dan's is a skinny caramel cap man size!

 Yet again Mexican night in the form of a salad. This nights meat of choose was shredded chicken which I had cooked the night before making it quite and easy to bang together when I got home from work! Plus buying chicken thighs and legs and cooking them down saves you heaps and goes a long way.
 90% dark chocolate is a revelation! Buy it, eat it and thank me later!
 Some goodies I got to bring back from work. Fig jam, saving this for a really good piece of cheese. Zucchini and cheese bread which we were testing out at the kitchen for the new menu, very nice indeed! The cupcake of course is for Dan but in that container is a raspberry and coconut slice and that beauty was strictly mine! And last but by no means least some homemade peanut butter I whipped up at the shop last week!
 Not the prettiest dish but it's sure tasty! This is my tried and tested creamy mushroom bake. The sauce is so simple it's crazy, just add almond milk and a few laughing cows to a pot and simmer till it's all reduced and thickened. Then just add a bit of parmesan to taste. I also added mushrooms to mine and placed everything in a baking dish to add an extra crunch!
 Chai latte porridge need I say more.
 My peanut butter from the shop making its first appearance yay!
 This was something really random I whipped together and I was so blown over with how yummy it tasted I'm definitely making it again! Broken up falafel (baked) on a rice cracker which has a yummy layer of reduced fat hummus.
 Crispy turkey breast with some yummy greens, simple but sure hit the spot.
One of my favourite late night meals, soy yogurt, bananas, blueberries and my totally out of this world quinoa granola.

Well that's it for now I'm off to enjoy my lovely day off, though thanks to my Monday night spin class my legs aren't quite cooperating but hey ho no pain no gain right? Enjoy your healthy filled day I know I will!

My yummy breaky this morning blueberry parfait and a chai banana smoothie, pure bliss.