Saturday, 20 July 2013

Cruise vacation!

So far I've shown you snaps from the UK as well as Lake Como now we've come to the final leg of our trip the Mediterranean cruise! Our cruise liner was Norwegian Cruises and they were great! The ship had a great atmosphere as most of the other guest were either from America and Australia so there was no shortage of friends to make. On another note our room was amazing, we were lucky enough to have a nice big balcony room at the end of the boat as well as a espresso machine and a free plate of goodies sent to our room every afternoon. Life was very good hehe.

The cruise visited Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens and two lovely relaxing days at sea. I was most excited about Santorini as it was the only place I didn't get to visit last year, but being able to go back to places that I fell in love with last year was equally exciting.
So now on to my large amount of snaps!

 So this is me after a long 3 hour train trip from Lake Como to Venice. We were welcomed to a hotel room that resembled a dolls house and was about the same size! But it was pretty and there was a bed so we weren't complaining.
 This was the walk from the boat dock to the centre of Corfu. Very pretty and the colour of the water was crazy blue.
 If you ever been on a cruise you've probably come across one of these, how are cute are they!
 Santorini was exactly how I pictured it. One thing I forgot to think about was the heat however, annoyingly I burnt my shins very badly on this trip. But the view was so breath taking I didn't even notice until we got back on the boat!

 The shops were quite expensive here but when I came across a gorgeous black jump suit I just couldn't help myself.

 As beautiful a Santorini was I will always love Mykonos first and foremost. The combo of yummy food, shops and a nice cool breeze is enough to win anyone over.

Ow and if you ever happen to visit there's a traditional Greek bakery right off the centre square that sells cakes and pastries that are too die for! It is seriously some of the best food I had on my entire trip!
Me, mum and nan having a much needed drink after a day of shopping!

 Our lovely and spacious balcony, how divine is that view.
 Our last night at one of the ships restaurants.

Favourite photo! Our last cruise dinner together before mum and nan jet of to Dubai without me lol
 Off the boat now enjoying our last day in Europe with a walk through Venice. This was the jump suit I bought in Santorini by the way!

Enjoying some gelato and a little dance in Piazza San Marco square!