Thursday, 18 July 2013

Lets start from the beginning

Hey guys I'm back!

So last time we spoke I was on my way to Europe to plan my wedding and go on an amazing cruise holiday with my mum and nan. Now due to limited Wi-Fi sadly updating my blog was virtually impossible! But in this last month (wow cant believe it's been that long!) I've been snapping away and documenting stories to share and now finally over the next few post I'm gonna share everything and anything with you awesome readers! 

So before I drive straight into the overseas holiday first I'm gonna show you snaps from the pre holiday trip I had in England! Now there were a few places my nan and mum wanted to visit, the main ones being Bath, London and the Isle of Wight.

We started our trip by driving from my campus over to Bath ( about a 2 hour drive). Along the way we saw an amazing castle that had some of the prettiest gardens I've seen in a long time! Then we arrived at Bath where we enjoyed two days of shopping and food filled bliss. On a healthy note this was the start of a very scary new situation, see up to this point I had been cooking all my own food and exercising on a regular basis but with all these yummy restaurants calorie counting was virtually impossible... At the start of my holiday I weighed 73kg more on that to come.
After Bath we popped over to the Isle of Wight where we met up with my awesome fiancé and his awesome family! My mum and nan only stayed for a night before going up to London for a few nights. Me on the other hand stayed back to enjoy a few more nights with Dan before jetting off for two weeks ( Longest we've been apart! Sad but true lol). So after my lovely stay on the Island I hoped on a train and made my way up to London where I enjoyed a night of pizza, wine and the gold lounge at the Hilton hehe. 
The next morning I woke to my alarm clock screaming at the ungodly hour of 4.30am! And with no buffet breaky till 7am I had to make do with some adorable baby bananas mum and I picked up from Selfridges the day before. How cute are those things!  Last but not least a happy snap of nan and mum as we touched down in Milan. Let the fun begin!