Friday, 26 July 2013

Where I am and where I'm going...

Hey guys!

Thought I'd write a little update on what's been happening with me and my ever hectic life! Right after I got back from my holiday Dan and I went into massive work/apartment finding mode. Now sadly I have yet to hear from any of the drama schools whom put me on their reserve list but I've come to terms with it and like always have found the silver lining. And this is why jobs and apartments became a very important goal because in order to start my goal of singing and performing I've gotta be where the action is and that is London! It goes without saying that a part time job is essential in order to fund my line of work so I knew that the job I found had to be something that I held nearly just as much love for. And I'm here to say I did! But lets show a few pictures before I give anymore away hehe.

 So this is my poor little room before and after. I moved out at the beginning of the month, I never knew how much I had until I started packing so with that in mind I decided to have a car boot sale. It was a fun day selling would of loved to sell more stuff but I came home with a nice little profit.

 While looking for jobs and a little flat to call our own we've been staying at Dans parents house on the Isle of Wight. Dan also managed to get a part time job on a little cove café while we looked for something more permanent. This is me walking along the lovely sea side road to say hi during one of his shifts!
Skipping ahead a week or so, after mass amounts of job applications and dead end interviews I was asked to come and do a job trial for a baking job at a cool London café. And after a crazy 7am start which lasted 3hrs I received a call that I had got the job!

So with that amazing news I was given a dead line of two weeks to find a place to live which was much harder then I could of ever anticipated...
We viewed everything and anything our budget would allow from the down right small and scary to the perfectly formed but highly over priced! On our third trip up to London to view flats both me and Dan were at an all time low with our enthusiasm. But I'm happy to say third time was the charm because on our first viewing that day we were shown a perfectly formed studio flat 2minutes from the tube, minutes from our much loved Starbucks, right next door to a food market and our very own patio garden! Goes without saying that we snapped it up there and then.
After our success flat hunting we awarded ourselves with a much needed alcoholic drink and some yummy mexican food.

With a top of 32 in London I thought a yummy frozen yogurt was in order. I got natural yogurt with super food nuts and some raspberries yummmmmmmmm.
 Even though our aim was to move into our pretty new flat before I started work with the mass amounts of paper work which needed to be processed sadly it just didn't happen. So I had to stay in a short stay flat for my first week of work.

My first day of work was very scary and stressful, the mere mass of information I had to process was intense! I worked for 8hrs that first day with nothing more then a pot of yogurt at 6am to keep me going.  After that stressful day I was awarded with some yummy food I picked up from Camden Town which is just a 20 minute walk from my work!

 The last day of work had me missing my usual breakfast greatly, though convenient these pots of porridge just don't float my boat..
 On my day off I hoped on a tube to Soho to check out a awesome food stall I've been dying to check out known as the Pizza Pilgrims. This awesome food stall dishes out authentic wood fire Italian pizza cooked right in the back of their awesome little van. And the hype didn't disappoint the crust was so soft I felt like I was biting into a donut! Though not the healthiest of meals the fact it was good quality ingredients with no yucky additives has made this a meal I will definitely be eating again soon.

I am now currently on the Isle of Wight for the weekend while everything is finalised and hopefully next time I write it'll be from my new little apartment! Everyone keeps your fingers crossed!