Thursday, 25 July 2013

How I lost weight on holiday!

Yes you heard right LOST weight! A few posts ago I told you that at the start of my holiday I weighed 73kg and was very worried about all the yummy temptations I would have to deal with on my trip abroad. Well when I got home though the scales seemed a very daunting task I knew I had to face them eventually, so boy was I shocked when the scale read 70kg verging on 69kg!

Now your probably thinking ow she probably just lived off carrot sticks and water and didn't enjoy the many splendours of Italy and Greece. Well I'm happy to say I did, pasta and all. So what's my secret? Here's some helpful tips I used to help me on my trip and hopefully they can help you too!


1) Portion sizes- When faced with an abundance of yummy pastas and naughty deserts I knew the only way to have my cake and eat it to was to eat smaller amounts. So when faced with a temping menu ask for an entrĂ©e size of your dish, and if you want to bulk it out order a side salad. You'll save on your pocket and your waist line!

2) More lemons please!- Yes you've heard me say it before and I'll say it again, in the morning pop some lemon in your water. It kick starts you metabolism ready for the day ahead.

3) Pick a meal- I'll give an example of how this tip worked for me. On the last night of our cruise we were told after dinner there was going to be a chocolate buffet, yes I said it a CHOCOLATE BUFFET! With this knowledge I knew self control was not going to be my strong suit so I made sure that my daily intake before was clean and healthy. If you opt for some self control you wont feel as guilty about that little late night indulgence.

4) Self control- yes sorry to say its not all fun and games while on holiday try not to go crazy and as hard as it may seem try to keep some control in play. If you have a really really naughty day ( guilty of this!) just make sure that the following day is a bit more healthy and clean.

5) Last but by no means least- For me this is what really helped my final weight lost. When I arrived home I jumped straight back onto the wagon. I went back to my usual calorie intake and opted for clean no-nonsense healthy food. Like a cheat day this shocked my body into weight loss and seems I am still continuing my healthy eating the weight has stayed off.

How amazing is that! Hope my tips helped and if like me your feeling very nervous about an upcoming holiday feel free to get in touch I'd be more then happy to help!