Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wedding planning abroad

So the first leg of our trip was a three night stay in Lake Como to meet up with my wedding planner as well as checking out venues and if we found the perfect place menu tasting!

First day we arrived we enjoyed a nice relaxing walk around the village we were staying in as well as indulging in mass amounts for yummy Italian food.

Me and nan posing in Milan train station, think we were starting to go a little stir crazy...

 This is the amazing hotel me, mum and nan stayed at. Apparently this is the only hotel on the lake that is right on the water, not next to the water but on it!
 Green tea went out window on this trip and was replaced by its European cousin espresso. At 0 calories per cup it's the perfect kick start to your day!

 This hotel was beyond amazing and beautiful and the view from the top was to die for.

After the first day of walking we sat down to a very yummy and indulgent dinner in our own hotels restaurant, which happened to be one of the most popular places to eat in the village.

 This was the morning I got to meet my wedding planner for the first time! I was very nervous and found it hard to sleep the night before, so it comes as no surprise that on this morning I had two espressos!
 This is where we're having our ceremony! This is where they filmed star wars! I always knew this was where I wanted to say my vows to Dan and thankfully he agreed. I thought there was no point in hiding where our ceremony was going to be as I have been telling people on a regular basis hehe.

 Reception venue 1- This was called The Beach, it was very beautiful and kind of reminded me of Auz which was nice.
 Reception venue 2- This was the view from the second place we were considering, it was beautiful very traditional Italian

 More eating of course! Key is to up the side salad and down size the main meal, for example I had pasta but only a starter size. Here's mum with a massive plate of food think she preferred the look of nans pizza lol.

 So this is the village where we're having our reception. As I've already revealed the venue for our ceremony I wanted to leave this one as a surprise, you'll all just have to wait a year!
 Seems we were lucky enough to find our venue while we were there we had the awesome chance to taste the wedding menu! It was the most food I had had in months and as amazing as it all tasted my stomach was by no means happy with me ow dear..

Well that's the end of my stay in Lake Como. I had amazing time and came out of the experience feeling very relaxed and excited about planning my wedding for next year, and with Sally and Gemma from Weddingbox to help me along the whole process next July cant get here soon enough!