Sunday, 25 August 2013

A day at the shop

Been wanting to do a day in the life post for ages and after a week of remembering to take photos I've finally come up with a cheeky little glimpse into what I get up to as a part time baker.

So each Monday, Wednesdays and Friday my alarm clock screams at me to wake up and even though I only live 10 minutes from my work and I start at 7am I really think it's important not to rush in the morning and be able to sit down enjoy your breaky (Starting with a hot lemon green tea of course!) and then slowly get ready for the day.

 My awesome Topshop onesie always cheers me up on those very dark early mornings!
 I always try to have oats in the morning as they keep me going longer. As someone who technically doesn't get a sit down break for the rest of the day it's all about grab and go, so I try to make my first meal count! This morning I had some yummy Swiss Muesli from WholeFoods with some yummy blueberries on top.
My morning snack (10.30am) consisted of an ice cold lemon water and one of my yummy 100% fruit rolls.

We liked to keep everything labelled so we know what's what. On the bottom level are the cakes we made that day to send to the front of house to be sold.
So this is my work area and this is the kind of stuff I get up to! That's a carrot cake in the background. It's quite a small kitchen seems we have to share with a cook, but we make it work and have heaps of fun at the same time!

This was my lunch, a tub of yogurt kinda like a British version of Chobani with my homemade granola.

It was a long day seems I was scheduled to finish at 2pm but ended up on till 7pm to help with weekend prep. I was one tired and worn out girl buy the end of the day!

Nothing like chilling on my bed after a long day with a bit of toast with hazelnut butter and sliced banana, ow and Pinterest! he he
So that's what a day at work looks like, it's very hectic and busy and hard to take out time for your self but I'm lucky as I get plenty of time off which I can dedicate to my singing career as well as focusing on making my blog bigger and better!