Saturday, 31 August 2013

The art of letting go

So welcome to my cheat day! It's been awhile since I've had one and after a very stressful week at work I thought it was about time to have a worry free day.

When I first started losing weight and cutting back on the naughty things  I counted down the days till my cheat day and when that day finally came lets just say I went a little over board... But as the weeks went on I slowly began to not want a cheat day opting more for yogurt or the odd dark chocolate here and there. So now instead of a predetermined cheat days I take each day as it comes and after the week I had today seemed like the perfect time to let my hair down and enjoy a nice day out! 

It was by no means easy though because as much as endless cupcakes, chocolate and chai lattes sounds like the perfect girly day out, for me I've found it very hard to let go these past few weeks but I think we all get to that point when we have to force ourselves and today was that day.

 When your in a kitchen for 10 hour days covered in flour with no makeup you really appreciate the days your able to dress up.
 My soy chai half sweet latte, yes it's a mouth full to order but it sure taste yummy!
 For lunch we headed to Leon known as the naturally fast food chain, it's got amazing yummy food that's filling and doesn't leave you sick and bloated like other fast food chains.

 I ordered a sweet potato falafel wrap (baked not fried!), with their yummy house fries and an acai water juice. Going through a falafel phase and this sure did hit the spot!
 Dan ordered a classic chargrilled chicken wrap with fries and orange juice and for a boy who loves his fast food he was very impressed. Looking forward to going back there very soon!

Cupcakes! Dan tried to make me get a large one but I was determined to get the cute mini peanut butter cupcake because hello it was PEANUTBUTTER!

Found yet another American candy shop and yet again I went a little crazy but in my defence the Smorez cereal was seven pounds reduced to one pound! How could I say no to that... Mac and Cheese was an obvious choose as well as the gum, been looking for this flavour for ages and always like to take a few sticks to work to ward off those pesky mid afternoon munches.

So what's the big meaningful moral of my day you ask? Well life's meant to be enjoyed and as great it is to see the weight drop off and clothes fit me nicer it's always good to stop and remember why your doing it and who your doing it for? I love being fit and healthy and I wouldn't give it up for the world. But like most of you know I love food just as much and in order to stop myself from going loopy I've gotta indulge from time to time. So today calories don't exist I'm merely a girl enjoying some naughty goodies in her onesie.