Thursday, 22 August 2013

Low GI quinoa granola

One of my jobs as a baker is to make a granola each week for the shop. Now as good as it smells each time it's thrown in the oven the amount of oil and sugar that's used is enough to make any healthy girl cry with shame!

So this week I decided to make some of my own. As a London girl on a budget there was no money to go out and grab some fancy ingredients so what ever was lying around in my cupboards would have to do. But luckily I came across a few things I knew would make for a totally amazing crunchy granola, oats (duh), hazelnut butter, agave, sunflower seeds and QUINOA! Yes you heard right quinoa I'm totally obsessed with this stuff at the moment and as well as being crazy good for you the crunch it gives to the granola is so so addictive! Bake and enjoy.

Quinoa granola recipe-

4 servings

1/3 cup of oats
1/3 cup of quinoa
9 hazelnuts chopped
2 tsp. of sunflower seeds
4 tsp. of agave syrup
1/2 tbsp. of hazelnut butter

Preheat oven to 180c (350f). This is a one bowl wonder, just throw everything together mix and spoon onto a tray lined with baking paper. Be sure to spread it out so the granola bakes evenly and bang it the oven for 15 minutes*. Once baked leave on the bench to cool completely and then serve and enjoy!

Calories per servings- 115 calories

Tip* To check if a granola is ready place a small amount into the freezer for a few minutes and if it comes out crunchy you've got yourself a perfect batch of granola!

 I've named this experimental Thursday! Wasn't quite sure where this recipe would take me but dam am I happy with how it turned out.

 Look what Dan bought me to go with my granola!

Its yummy and crunchy and very very hard to stop eating (eating it as I type he he).

Nothing like a rainy Thursday enjoying some clean homemade bliss. Hope your day is full of something equally pleasing!