Sunday, 11 August 2013

Welcome to my little London flat

So I'm finally all settled and am starting to enjoy the perks of the London scene! I just signed up for my local gym with the help of my awesome parents and signed up for every single class I could get my hands on! The first being an hour long yoga class on Thursday which left me in agony at work Friday (Good pain though). Next week I also have a Pilates class plus an Abs and Back class, I'm also intrigued by the LA Spin class they have but bit scared about not having the ability to walk the following day! Any one ever done a spin class before? Would love to hear your views!

So yes sorry got a tad off topic there so onto my flat.

This is what I look at when I'm goggling, reading or writing one of my many post. On the left is  a stack of newly hired library books ( aim reading them as I write!) and what every computer sesh requires a hot cup of tea.


So everyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with reading, I'm actually juggling between two novels this week. One being Delirium which was recommended by a Youtuber I watch and the other one is Spell Bound which is part of a series I HIGLY recommend!

My random array of photos frames lol. When I obtain some extra cash I really would love to have frames which match and a few extras seems I have a few more photos waiting to be showcased.

Not many Londoner my age can say their flat comes with their own garden, but I'm happy to say I DO! Got a table and chairs plus a area for my herbs!

Though my kitchen is small the storage is awesome!

When it comes to things I want to change our bed is at the top of my list. I'd just love a new cover, some pillows, maybe a throw ow you get the idea!

Think Dan needs a beanbag seems we don't own a couch or really have room for one lol

So that's our flat its a working progress but so is everything in life! With my big 22 around the corner ( ok not so big..) I'm aiming to check most of my home d├ęcor things off my list!

I love to make list and here's my most recent!

Anywho hope you enjoyed the little tour around my home and on a completely random note excited about my next post, I'll give you a hint they contain chocolate and their healthy!