Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Healthy bites

These last few days have been a blast! My amazing parents lovingly gave me and Dan some money to go towards a worry free day in central London and after 3 days in a row at work it was a welcomed escape. The day started off with me heading to the gym for a core body class which was so not what I expected (we used exercise balls) and turned out to be very challenging and fun! After the class I was quite sore and tired but with the prospect of heading into central London I perked up straight away. We headed off to Borough Markets first where I got a delish drip coffee from Monmouth. These guys do amazing coffees and the line out the door and around the corner is a very good indication! The only down side for me however is the fact they only use one milk and one milk only, though its organic and great quality would of loved to be able to have some soy instead but hay ho it was only a small cup so there were no nasty side effects.

After that we headed to Oxford Street where we made a bee line for Selfridges, the food hall to be specific hehe. I bought a totally amazing and addictive organic hazelnut butter which has now I'm amazed to say replaced my peanut butter (Hello it taste like Nutella!). As well as that I picked up some yummy cheese called stinking bishops names horrid but the taste is so so good.

At this point it was already 5:30 and much to our surprise we still had quite a bit of money spare so we decided to head over to Covent Garden for an indulgent dinner. We headed to a restaurant we've been before (my 21st birthday post) called Joe's, its an awesome mix of American and Tex-Mex food in a cool dim lit  bar environment. Dan ordered the ''Chicken on a Brick'', Which was half chicken cook on a brick served with a side of mash potato and chicken gravy, It was so yummy and for the amount of food served it was a great price (12.50 pounds)! My order was something I've been dying to try for ages, my order was a ''Soft Shell Crab on a bun'' with chilli mayo and apple slaw! How yummy does that sound! The batter for the crab was out of this world good and the sweet bun was very addictive and yet again the value was amazing (7.45 pounds!). Definitely think this is going to become a regular venue for us!   

As well as our awesome Saturday I've also included other yummy healthy bites from last week.

 More Mexican!
 I've named this my overnight oatmeal jar and with a 5.30am wake up call being able to grab my food ready made is a big help!
 Protein packed breaky- egg whites with mashed avocado in a whole wheat tortilla.
 Chicken on a Brick!
 Soft Shell Crab Bun!
 New cereal I picked up from Whole Foods.
 This mornings breaky. Had my first ever Spin class last night and I woke up famished!
 My Whey Protein arrived this morning! Chocolate flavour (duh), review on this product will be coming soon.
Guys hard at work at Monmouth Coffee, they drip every coffee to order.

Hope you guys are all having a fun and healthy filled week, I'm off to enjoy my day off in the sunshine!