Thursday, 15 August 2013

Healthy bites!

 Been awhile since I've done one of these! I'm proud to say even though I haven't been posting I've still been sticking to my healthy eating which has helped me stick at a steady 69kg ( My new and final goal for my weight is 65kg by the way!).

With my part time baking job life's become a bit harder food wise, waking  up at 5.30am 3 days a week doesn't exactly scream big generous breakfast it screams grab and go.. But I've managed to find the time to pre cook my morning food or make yummy smoothies for those lazier mornings. With breakfast sorted my new dilemma is lunch, this is still a working progress seems my job intales being on my feet non stop (cause the quicker we bake the quicker we get to go home!). I try to pre cook salads when ever I get a chance but working in a kitchen does have it's benefits so when I'm staving there's always someone to whip me up a boiled egg or fresh juice.


 Dan wanted Mexican so I compromised by making him burritos and making myself a Mexican salad!

On a trip to Stratford we were in the mood for Mexican (starting to see a pattern here..), I got a massive and healthy naked veggie burrito bowl.

 Look what I found in Stratford, Boost! In Australia this is my FAVIOURTE smoothie shop and I didn't know they sold them in the UK until I walked past this beauty. I ordered a tasty raspberry and banana low fat smoothie.
 My failed attempt at cooking with yeast... 
 My awesome parents sent me a amazing goodie box filled with a cooking magazine, chocolates for Dan, a totally amazing out of this world gluten free cereal ( which I had my last bowl of today, not happy...) and a bag of one of my favourite chocolate treats mini Cherry Ripes.
The fruits of my hard labour. One of the benefits of being a baker, left overs! Don't worry Dan ate most of them and I enjoyed one on my cheat day.

Ok well I'm off been a long day.. Spent two hours at the gym in the morning doing a body stability class and a yoga class followed by going to work on my day off to prep bake for 5 hours which included 11 banana breads, 6 pistachios, 2 carrot cakes, 3 brownies 3 ginger breads ow and a shed load of homemade baked beans!...

Green tea time night night